Lets Just Stop and Think.

I keep finding my self not finding myself. Let me rephrase.

I think as people we have this beautiful and God-given desire to do. To make find and create, to continue on the never ending search for meaning. This is why we do things like google ourselves, or pick up hobbies that are really very silly, or even start a blog. We just have this undying desire to matter and to do something that’s worth mattering.

But sometimes I feel as if on all this meaning hunting. I get lost in the activity of searching for meaning and forget what I am actually looking for. Weather it’s work, meetings, money, friends. I get bogged down.

I think we all need to learn  stop the meaning search for a second, and breathe, and maybe in the time we take to rest and ask God to show us what we are going for in the first place.

So I am going to take my own advice, and leave you and go and…


2 thoughts on “Lets Just Stop and Think.

  1. Hi! I like what you said here. It’s a return to simplicity and purity. I needed that today.

    Also, your writing reminds me very much of my daughter. She doesn’t always know the best way to string a sentence together properly. She doesn’t choose the most conventional words to say things and often just makes up her own. A critical eye and a clouded heart might miss the meaning. But she has a way of expressing precisely what she is thinking and feeling–better than almost anyone I know. The layers of finesse and varnish are absent and you know her heart almost instantly.

    You have this quality about your writing as well. Thank you for sharing it!

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