There is freedom in no knowing.

There are questions we all have, they are big, really big, bigger than us, but are afraid to ask them. We put on a facade we hope emanates enough confidence in the certainty of our answers, that no one will see through to our doubt.

But why do we hide our questions? why do we feel the need to look as if we know it all or have it all together? I don’t, and I’m willing to wager…NO one does.

I think we don’t ask the questions and face the doubts either because, we are scared of the answer or scared of what we’ll look like if we are seen not HAVING the answer.

I, you, me, we are broken people who don’t know everything and never will. Let your brokenness be known and be willing to admit to yourself and the world, that-You are broken and you don’t have it all figured out. There is a freedom in the understanding you don’t have it all together but you know the one who does.

When we we do this, it will change the way we look at, ourselves, others, and the one who created us-who, is ALWAYS putting us back together.


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