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Confessions of a Prodigal Son is a cinematic story of young man who is lost and found, ruined and redeemed, broken and restored. It is a modern retelling on film of the parable of the prodigal son from the Bible. I wrote the screenplay simply to encourage prodigals to come home.

This 90-minute Indie film is almost finished, but I can’t bring this Prodigal home to DVD and distribution without some help. I hope you will take a minute to learn more about my first journey into filmmaking, and to help me bring this project to completion. See some of the amazing screen shots below.

Kevin Sorbo

Michael Bolten and Rachael Lee

Nathan Clarkson (Me)

Real life is the best source for good fiction, and I wrote Prodigal out of my own experiences and observations as I journeyed through film school in NYC and tried to break into the film industry in LA as a 22 year-old unknown newbie. When I decided to try writing my own film, I wanted to create a role I could believe in, tell a story others could believe in, and make a difference in the lives of other prodigals.

To make a long story short, I put my idea on a crowd-funding site last spring. With God’s help, and the support of many amazing friends, the first round of funding allowed us to film the entire story in two weeks in LA. We had very little money, but we had a committed and talented director and some amazing talent who wanted to be involved, including Kevin Sorbo, Michael Bolten, and Tanya Chisholm, all recognized Hollywood actors. We wrapped filming on August 30.

As a first-time filmmaker, I am humbled and excited to see my story coming to life on screen. I named my new production company Lighting Dark, because that’s what film should do.

But here’s where you, and the wonderful GoFundMe community, can help me make sure this film actually does light the dark. I have enough funds to start the editing of the film, but then I will need new funds to finish the edit, pay for the film score, sound editing, mastering, and production.

Joel Clarkson my brother (composer), Aaron Eberhardt (Sound Engineer), Sean Waldron (Editor). All of which are lending their professional skill, working tirelessly behind the scenes for next to nothing. We would love to reward their passion and dedication.

To finish this project, I need a minimum of $3,000 in additional funds. No donation is too small, and every dollar will be gratefully and faithfully used to pay the editors, composers, musicians, sound mixers, and other providers who will move this film from dream to reality. If you believe in the power of returning prodigals, and you share my passion for storytelling in film that can write new stories in people’s lives, then I hope you will consider helping me bring this Prodigal home. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Bring the Prodigal Film Home

  1. Hi Nathan! I’m so looking forward to seeing your movie and so thankful I was able to help you in a small financial way with seeing your vision come to fruit.

    I’d like to ask you for some advice for my son, who will soon be a teenager. He expressed an interest in filmmaking. My question is, do you have any advice on how he can pursue this interest? As a homeschool mom, I want to offer him exposure to the things he’s most interested in so as to help him decide what he’d like to do “when he grows up.” He is currently taking an online class on filmmaking through

    Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ve even considered finding ways for him to experience a real live movie set so he could see what this kind of job would really entail. Is this something that could be possible?

    Thank you Nathan and thank you for sharing your heart for God through your blog posts!

    God bless you today and always, and may God bless you and your fiancee in your marriage, forever and ever.


    • Clara!

      First thank you so much for being such a support to me and the film! Second THAT is so awesome your son is interested in telling stories. Jesus was a story teller, and stories can change lives.

      I will just tell you what I have learned. First I think while you should explore a lot of areas of film. I would take some time and research and find a focus as to what area of film you would like to go after. Some of my friends love working with lighting and setting the moods to scenes, other loves the director aspect overseeing the entire shot, some love just the story aspect and the beauty of writing and imagining the story that is to be told, and I love ALL of these as well as the acting part actually getting to play and try out different kinds of characters.

      From there you can kind of know where to begin. But also keep an eye out for any productions happening in your area, often student films are a great place to get experience and learn a lot! OR if there is an indie production being made you might catch wind of, productions ALWAYS need extras. And being an background artist is an amazing way to get to have a first hand look at how a set works, and maybe help decide what part you might like best, and you even get to be apart of the film!

      I hope some of this helps, check out AMTC (actors, musicians, talent for christ).

      Thank you again for supporting the film!

      God Bless,


      • Thank you Nathan! I shared your ideas with my son. There is actually a movie being filmed here (although I don’t know if they are done with it or not), but unfortunately, it’s a horror film. I’ll definitely do some research to see if there are any others. Do you happen to know if there’s a website to go to in order to find this kind of information? or is it just a matter of keeping an ear out for the information?

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