The Mind Behind

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Even if we forget the beautiful design we live in, and ignore the staggering complexity and balance all life. That still doesn’t touch the question of why there is something (matter) instead of nothing. Why does anything exist at all?


Imagine walking on the street and by chance you come across a beautiful painting (use your imagination). What you would most likely NOT say is “Wow what a cool coincidence that all that paint, and a frame fell together so beautifully”.  Instead, you would say something along the lines of “Who painted this, and put this here?”. Logic would lead you to believe that something of it’s apparent complexity and reason- HAS a reason. That the art you see had an artist.

Chance had little to do with it…

Now, lets take you; a self aware, complex person, with the ability to reason and think. Wouldn’t it be logical to assume you were created with those faculties by a creator WITH purpose and thought?

Lets take science on a whole. A system of laws we so desperately lean on for answers. Wouldn’t the logical conclusion of the frame work of “laws” be a law giver?

As you journey through this day, I challenge you to observe the order, beauty, function, and ultimately intention woven into everything around us.
And as you do, challenge your self to ask if maybe just maybe behind all this design there could be a designer…


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