Here, Find more about Nathan and reach out to him.

To contact Nathan write him at NathanJClarkson@gmail.com

Or visit Nathan’s official website at www.NathanJClarkson.com

Nathan loves life, people and God.
And pursues his passions for those things in
Music singing/songwriting
charity work
lots of other artistic things
not math
and just life

Nathan lives in Los Angeles, CA where he moved to from New York, NY where he attended NYFA (New York Film Academy) where he went to from
Colorado Springs, CO
Nashville, TN
Fort Worth/Dallas, TX
Garden Grove, CA
Yes, he has moved a lot, and he likes it.

He is the son of two very popular writers and speakers, and was raised being one of the “Clarkson kids”

Nathan spends his time pursuing his interests being with people/girlfriend, reading, music and church.

He is going to make a light where ever he goes….Okay that’s about all.
He would love to hear from you, by the way.


5 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Nathan, I am a home school mom of three. Two have graduated from high school, and the third is in her senior year. My newest graduate loves editing. Years ago, if you’d asked me while watching the Academy Awards what a film editor does, I would have thought it was a rather boring and meaningless job, but my son’s passion has more than made me aware of the beautiful art that it is.
    Currently, he is working at our church, which is an international ministry and has many opportunities for edit jobs. He LOVES it. I think he likes short term projects better than he would feature length film. He will be attending the Illinois Institute of Art this fall. His major will be graphic design.
    If you don’t mind indulging a proud mother, (I am much like your own sweet mother this way), I’ve included two links of his work. I don’t feel that hearing about you this last week was an accident. Even though John has no aspirations to move to California and edit film, he does love so much that you do, I thought perhaps a God friendship may be on the horizon. Thanks so much for your living example! I’m sure God is pleased, and I am pleased for your mom that she has such a wonderful son!
    Here are two links: http://vimeo.com/25325300 and http://vimeo.com/21095039
    Thanks for hearing the ramblings of a proud mama!
    Kim Sullivan

  2. Hi, Nathan. I, too, am a Christian parent of a young daughter and son who need good examples like you to follow. My children have been homeschooled their whole lives, but are blessed with great people skills and a heart for those around them that don’t know the Lord. Taran plays football with the local high school, and has already made an impact for the Kingdom in that arena – I’m excited to see what the LORD will do with him. My daughter “Skylar Kaylyn” is an aspiring artist herself. She has recently recorded her debut album and is shooting her first music video this coming weekend. We tried to find you on facebook so that we could share her page with you and join your friends or like your page, but were not able to find you for some reason. God bless you in your efforts, and we thoroughly enjoyed reading your writings on this blog. In HIm, Summer Whelchel

    • That is SO neat! I love hearing stories of devoted families and even more of young adults already taking on the vision for truth and God. That is so neat! I will for sure check out the video.
      Thank you so much for the kind words, I’m exited to see what God does with all the youth that listen to him!

  3. Nathan
    I am a working Mom of 2 100% boys! I have a “NAthan” his name is William he is 7yrs old. I can not even tell you how your words touched my heart this morning. This year I have prayed and asked God for me to see William the way He sees him. Our LIVES have changed….I see that he is a smart talented, creative young man that is learning to love the Lord. He has some “letters” that go along with him and I am learning to see just how GOD made him and I LOVE him more and more everyday. Thanks for being a Godly example for young men.
    This year William’s teacher (who has 3 boys) has been the best thing in his life. She creates an atmosphere that is inviting and knows when some of the kids just need to ” get it out” ….he told me he liked school the other day and I wept……
    Keep on writing! LOVE IT!
    A thankful mommy in SC

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